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The Promise of Dohachel

This is the third short story I made for YWW. The prompts I used were: aureolin, vermillion, and mauve. This story is a reminder to us not to lose our faith in God's promises. He will always follow through with them. It is also a retelling of a battle in the Bible that is found in Isaiah 7:3-16 and 2 Kings 16:5. It can be somewhat confusing, so I'll put a glossary of sorts down at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

The Promise of Dohachel

“Navi, I need you over here!” The King called over the clamor of his generals and messengers. Reports were coming in all too quickly of breaking lines and failing positions. The once vermillion plain was a crimson valley of death. Their strategy was failing mostly because of enemy reinforcements. That should have been a consideration but the country of Boged was so closely related to Vyt, the defending county, that the King’s war team hadn’t considered another army to contend with. “Navi!” The King called urgently. “I am coming,” answered an old man. “Worry not.” “What does Dohachel say? We are failing and will be overrun.” The old man’s eyes closed for a moment in weariness at the anxiety of the King. Then, he opened them. “Dohachel, Sovereign of the Universe, says that neither Boged nor Oyev can prevail. He asks what sign you need of Him to believe His promises.” “Come, Navi, I want no sign. Should I tempt Dohachel’s wrath when the armies of Boged and Oyev destroy my men?” The King sighed. “I just want to know what He wants me to do.” Navi’s eyes closed again, so long, that the old man swayed as if he was falling asleep. The King fidgeted. This was how Navi was when He communed with the Lord of All. Looking at the shriveled old man, it was hard to believe he spoke to anything divine, but all his sayings were true, and he had the power of Dohachel. Finally, Navi opened his eyes. The King waited impatiently. “Dohachel, Ruler of the Future, says, ‘If you do not wish for a sign, I will give you one. A virgin will have a child, and call him Doyatev. Before this child knows to refuse the evil, the rulers of Boged and Oyev will not exist.’” “You say He is Ruler of the Future. Does this mean His sign will come to pass in the far future, or near?” “Not even I know the mind of Dohachel, oh King,” sighed the old man. “But His word is always true.” “You are dismissed, Navi,” the King said with decision. “I am dismissed when Dohachel dismisses me, but I will retire to a quiet place to plead for the outcome of this battle. It is not yet the time for Vyt to fall.” The King grunted but paid little heed to the departure of Navi. Calling his shield-bearer and guards, the King strode purposefully out of the command tent. “Ready my chariot,” he commanded to an aide that awaited him outside the entrance. A few minutes later, a glorious chariot with deep mauve sides and aureolin highlights exploded upon the battlefield. The chariot driver was an expert and guided his swift horses into the midst of the fray. Warriors of all ages and skills, beheld their king approaching in fury and cheered, shields and swords clanging. The King wielded his sword like a harbinger of doom. Those who saw it coming were not alive to see it leaving. The battle seemed to turn in Vyt’s favor until the armies of Boged and Oyev rallied around their captains with promises of the spoiling of Vyt. The King ordered a retreat, hoping that they could hold off the armies at the top of the hill leading into the valley. The King screamed at the sky as he saw his men falling and the enemy approaching victory. In desperation, he called, “Dohachel, Chief among warriors, now is the time to make good Your promise. Give us the victory!” His voice was hoarse from yelling and his arms tired from fighting, but he raised them to the sky anyways. Over the sound of men screaming in pain and triumph, and the clashing of armor and weapons, the King felt a breeze. At first, it was soft, then it grew until it was a mighty whirlwind that passed over the heads of the Vyt warriors and blasted into the armies of Boged and Oyev. The men of Vyt charged one last time to defeat the enemies of their homeland. There was no need, however, for the foes of Vyt were hurtled back, in a roiling mass of limbs, weapons, and armor. When all was still, the enemy lay amidst their camp sprawled upon the ground. Very few stood after the wind from Dohachel was through with its work.

Upon a quiet hill overlooking the valley, Navi smiled. The promise of the Most High was always true.

Words are listed in the order they appear.

Navi(nah-vee')- Isaiah the prophet The King- King Ahaz of Judah Vermillion- a vibrant green Boged(bo'-gehd)- the kingdom of Israel Vyt(viht)- the kingdom of Judah Dohachel(do-hah-chehl')- The LORD God Oyev(o'-yehv)- the kingdom of Syria Doyatev(do-yah-tehv')- Immanuel, God with Us Mauve- a soft, reddish, purple color Aureolin- a golden yellow

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