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The Story Cubby

Katie, can you tell me a story? This is what my little sister asks me if I even mention something resembling a story as we go to bed. Sometimes I say yes, but it depends. Am I going to work tomorrow? Are we getting up early? Did we have a busy day? Sometimes, I just feel like I don't have the time. When I started working, I realized I don't have the time to sit down and read a book for hours on end like I used to. When I get to sleep is a lot more important to me, so I can't be reading until 2 o'clock anymore. This was a little disappointing for me. I like books that are stories with biblical lessons in them. If it doesn't have a biblical lesson it feels empty. These books reminded me to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and helped me to look at Bible stories from a different angle. Without realizing it, I stumbled upon the solution to my problem. I've enjoyed writing since I was small, probably for as long as I could read and write. I used to write these tiny little ten-sentence stories when I was seven and eight, now I'm working on a book for my siblings, that will be over 300 pages long! Recently, I joined a writing community called The Young Writer's Workshop ( where they had us write some short stories based on their supplied prompts. After writing these stories, I realized that these take little time to read, but they can still have that spiritually uplifting lesson in them. Here was the solution to my problem.

The Story Cubby is a place where I can share my little stories and hopefully bless others with them. If anything good comes out of them, it would be God's doing not mine. He is the only One who is good. Mark 10:18

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