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November is Over!

Yes, I know I'm late by a few days, but at least I know it now.

In the last update, I told you that I would be doing a writing challenge where I would write 50,000 words on a novel in a month. Well, that challenge is over and I ended with 40,000 words. I was close!

However, I am only halfway through writing the novel, not to mention editing it. At the moment, I am rewriting a couple of chapters because I realized that I had a problem with the plot. That's alright though! I knew I would probably have to rewrite something.

This means that we will continue to post chapters from Faith's story once a week, so I can focus on writing some more.

I know that I promised a blurb at the end of October, and I did not give you one, so here it is now:

Eliphaz is the son of the Captain of Teman's Champions, and he wants more than anything to be a Champion to fulfill his duty of protecting his nation. However, when he decides to help a young Jew and a mute Babylonian girl, he is suddenly thrust into circumstances he can't control and he finds himself failing at what he always wanted to do. The girl is lost and too young to find her way home, and the Jew has a message of judgment for Eliphaz's own country. Can he help them both with their needs, or will he fail at this new purpose as well?

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