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Alright, Now for Announcements

First of all is when and where I'll make posts.

  • I'll be writing one Short Story a week. If you're subscribed, I can send you an email when I make the post.

  • Mixed in without schedule, will be poems that I feel would be nice to share. After I make the first poem, I'll create a category for it in the Blog.

  • It's up for suggestion, but I'll have my sister be a guest writer at least every other month. However, if you'd like her posts to be closer together, feel free to say so in the comments at the bottom of this post.

  • Once a month, I'll make a non-fiction post about something I've been learning. That's actually scarier than simply sharing my stories!

My Current Writing Project

  • I'll post in this category when I reach page/word/stage goals.

  • Upcoming will be a summary of the project.


Events at the moment will mostly be story surveys. This means that I will send everyone who is subscribed an email containing questions (how did the story make you feel, what was your favorite part, what lesson did you take away, etc.) about whichever story I chose for the survey. I do not currently have an event in mind for the near future, but stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe so I can notify you!

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